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  • Jacob de la Rosa

Innocent prisoner sentenced to be executed in this still from Nottingham

Still from Nottingham

(Jennifer Jelsema as the Prisoner in the Son of None music video Nottingham from Perelandra Pictures)

This shot almost didn't happen. Todd Lewis (the Director of Photography) and I debated the safety of putting an 8-ft ladder on the gallows and carrying a large expensive camera up it. We decided to get the shot using a GoPro. On the day of filming, much to our horror, we realized we didn't have the right memory card. Thankfully, a cast member happened to have one we could use.

Figuring out how to get the shot was taking up a lot of time, and we had so much left to do that day, that I almost ALMOST cut this shot.

I'm very glad I didn't. It's one of the most powerful shots in the film.

See Nottingham online 1.17.18!

– Jacob de la Rosa, Writer/Director/Producer

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