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Jacob de la Rosa headshot


Jacob de la Rosa

Jacob de la Rosa is a writer, filmmaker, and the owner of Perelandra Pictures. In 2013, he wrote, produced, and directed the sci-fi feature film Break Glass in Case Of... and got to work with one of his favorite actors -- Tom Baker from Doctor Who.

Kathryn Postema Headshot


Kathryn Postema

Kathryn Postema is a producer experienced in project management, line producing, and working as part of a director's team. She loves bringing talented people together and facilitating the creative process with effective planning and thorough communication.

Joshua E White Headshot


Joshua E. White

Josh White is a film composer and a frequent collaborator with Perelandra Pictures. His band Son of None is an Indie music collective that strives to write honest music about life and our perception of life.

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