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  • Jacob de la Rosa

Social Distancing in Chicago

This week I got my first taste of social distancing on set. Kathryn and I loaded up sound and video gear and took a trip down to Chicago to reunite with actress Nathalie Galde (Anastasia in Real American). We had a lot to do in just one day!

Our first goal was ADR, which stands for Automated Dialog Replacement. It's the process where an actor re-records their lines in spots where the audio needs to be improved. Getting absolutely perfect audio on set can sometimes be an issue, and ADR is one of those tools we use to touch up little spots here and there. Although, we try to use it sparingly!

The audio session with Nathalie took place at Eleven04, a Chicago-based film equipment rental house that offers gear and spaces to indie filmmakers and freelancers. They were very accommodating, and I wish I had more time to take a closer look at their very cool space.

Our second goal was to shoot a brief testimonial video with Nathalie about the show. All of this we managed to do while following social distancing guidelines and wearing our trusty masks.

After that, Kathryn and I got back on the road and headed back to Michigan. Farewell Chicago. Hopefully the next time I see you, I can visit for a little bit longer.

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