A news producer covers politics in an alternate timeline where aliens came to Earth as refugees. She’s at risk of becoming the story when a divisive politician’s rise to power threatens to expose her deepest secret.

Starring Nathalie Galde, Jalexia Stoutmyre, Gary E. Mitchell, and Erik Keener.

Real American

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A sci-fi political drama

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extraterrestrials, sci-fi, aliens, latinx, science-fiction, politics in science fiction, presidential election, scifi, female protagonists, election 2020, science fiction series, female characters, female sci fi

Real American

REAL AMERICAN | “First Contact” | Episode 1 | SCI-FI DRAMA SERIES

Read more In an interview with news station WNC9, presidential candidate Verne Midar disparages the aliens known as Malacares. Producer Anastasia Atwood has a secret. Episode 1 of 10 of “REAL AMERICAN” Director: Jacob de la Rosa Writer: Jacob de la Rosa Music: Joshua E. White Director of Photography: Cory James Taylor Additional Photography: Ryan Grant Todd Lewis Series Producers: Kathryn Postema and Jacob de la Rosa Associate Producer: Jonathan Hekman CAST: Nathalie Galde as Anastasia Jalexia Stoutmyre as Jennifer Gary E. Mitchell as Verne Midar Erik J. Keener as Dave Kimberly Harsch as Noble Oscar Zelaya as Joshua Jack Dylan Sewell as Caleb Marly Green as Promotions Producer Jennifer Vlas as Blake EXTRAS: Julien York Makeup Artists: Jalexia Stoutmyre, Scott Baisden, Anne Cope 3D Model: Trevor Maynard Title Design: Bluepic Studios “I Tried To Change My Truth” Performed by Allie Lynn Nicolas Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram:

Film & Animation

sci-fi, aliens, presidential election, science fiction series, latinx, female characters, female protagonists, female sci fi, science-fiction, scifi, politics in science fiction, extraterrestrials, election 2020

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