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Written by Joshua E.White

Once I heard the news

It was clear

That all they want is you

And your voice to be stilled

And now you’re hanging from a noose

Tied to hate

A bitter way to spend your last breath

Now your last breath’s lost into the wind

They dug a shallow grave

So your stench

Would remind us of the punishment

You faced a time of fleeting grace

Where everyone was bound by shackles

And chains hold down our arms

The weak and the poor

Even with numbers are made strong

We are strong

Nottingham single white.png

In a rundown dystopia ruled by a Man in a Suit, an innocent Prisoner is made the scapegoat for society’s problems and sentenced to death by hanging. She is not the first to be wrongly executed, and unless things change, she is far from the last.


6 MIN  2018


Jacob de la Rosa (Writer/Director/Producer), Joshua E. White (Musician/Producer), and Kathryn Postema (Producer) discuss the inspiration behind the song Nottingham and the motivation for the video.

Interview and BTS footage by Pruim Digital Media

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