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  • Jacob de la Rosa


Casting for female-led sci-fi REAL AMERICAN

A scripted series from Perelandra Pictures

In a world similar to our own, where humanoid aliens known as Malacares came to Earth as refugees, a news producer wrestles with her identity while hiding who she really is.


Roles we are casting:

ANASTASIA ATWOOD (Lead): late 20s-early 30s, female, Latinx, Anastasia is confident in her professional life, afraid and uncertain of who she is in her personal life. A Malacare woman adopted by an Earth family at a young age, she hides the truth about her origins.

VERNE MIDAR (Supporting): mid 50s-70s, male, white, a business mogul who is moving up in the world of politics by using the Malacares as scapegoats for America’s problems.

JENNIFER (Supporting): 20s-30s, female, Latinx, a young reporter who is openly Malacare, hot-headed and angry at the way her people are being treated in the current political climate.

DAVE (Supporting): late 20s-early 30s, male, white, handsome, isn’t as funny as he thinks he is but means well, graphic designer, close to Anastasia and her adoptive mothers, doesn’t know the truth.

CALEB (Supporting): 20s-30s, male, any ethnicity, photographer for the news station, a “Midar Man,” often goes head-to-head with Jennifer on her stories.

GRACIE (Supporting): 50s-60s, female, any ethnicity, one of Anastasia’s moms, very proud of her daughter, a bit too optimistic about the world, doesn’t consider the consequences

JULIA (Supporting): 50s-60s, female, any ethnicity, Anastasia’s other mom, afraid for her daughter, overprotective and controlling at times

NOBLE (Supporting): mid 30s-late 50s, any gender, any ethnicity, main anchor for the station, professional, news personality

SARAH LOH (Supporting): 18-21, female, Latinx, a very young Malacare woman who made headlines when she suffered a traumatic experience after being mistakenly arrested.

JOSHUA JACK (Supporting): 30-40, male, Latinx, Malacare farmer turned diplomat. Historical figure who worked with President Kennedy to broker a deal between the U.S. and the Malacare refugees. Remained a fighter for Malacare rights until his assassination in the 1970s.

Please send headshot/resume to

Jacob de la Rosa (Showrunner) and Kathryn Postema (Producer) at:

Auditions via video submission and in person by appointment April 27-28

Meals and transportation/travel reimbursement provided.

Nonunion/No pay.

Filming in or around Grand Rapids, MI in July

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