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  • Jacob de la Rosa

Winter is over, let's get back to work!

Despite the return of the snow on Sunday, it is starting to warm up outside, which means that filming for Real American is kicking back into gear.

Of course, the snow would have to rear its ugly head on the very same day we had a photoshoot scheduled for the series, but we managed to grin and bear it.

I say "We" but it was mostly our supporting actress and writer Jalexia Stoutmyre who did most of the grinning and bearing:

Not pictured: Jalexia Stoutmyre walking around in the snow in character while Andrew Pruim snapped photos with snow flying in his face. Behind-the-scenes photos taken by producer Kathryn Postema.

Hopefully the snow will be gone by May, when we have an ambitious, grand, and fun shoot planned! We can't wait to get back at it!

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