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  • Kathryn Postema

From March 2018 to March 2020 - Where we are now

Recently, Jacob and I realized that our first official production meeting for Real American was in March of 2018. Filming started in the summer of that year, and went all the way into the summer of 2019.

During those last few months of production we filmed some of the most visual and dramatic scenes of the series. This included an episode where our main character Anastasia (Nathalie Galde) attends a Malacare celebration. Creating an alien tradition from scratch took a lot of work. There were decorations, ceremonial clothing, jewelry, food, and an out-of-this-world cake made by Bakery 73/Pinky Queen of Cakes.

On top of that, extras came from all around the state to undergo lots of makeup work and be partygoers in the episode.

Before we could film all of our scenes, we had to tackle some set building. If you remember Nottingham, this wasn’t our first experience with set building, but this particular project was about three times bigger. Working from concept art by Kyleah Orwig, the set was built and shot at Dan Falicki’s green screen studio.

Filming at Dan Falicki's studio

We finished principal photography with a very personal scene between Anastasia and her friend/co-worker Jennifer (Jalexia Stoutmyre), a reporter who is openly Malacare. This was an intimate scene that let both actresses shine, and we hope it moves you when you see it.

So it’s now two years after that initial meeting, and post-production is in full swing! Jacob is working on the edit and special effects. Eight of our 10 episodes are picture-locked, and our amazing composer Josh White has already started scoring the music. Cory James Taylor, our cinematographer, is starting to work on the color grading. And I’m chipping away at the audio edit before preparing a Foley session to record all those subtle sounds that really bring the audience into a scene.

More details are coming soon on when the show will be released. And keep a lookout, because a poster for the series is right around the corner.

As we move forward into the final phases of creating Real American, we are more grateful than ever for all of our supporters and donors. Your support and generosity has brought this story to life, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

And as always, follow us on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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