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  • Jacob de la Rosa

Perelandra Pictures is seeking writers for Real American

What is Real American?

Real American is a female-led sci-fi web series produced by Perelandra Pictures which takes place in an alternate version of our world where humanoid aliens known as Malacares came to Earth as refugees in the 60s. They brought with them technology that advanced the US and helped us win the Cold War. But over 50 years later, tensions between the Earthlings and the Malacares has reached a boiling point. Each episode would focus on Anastasia Atwood, a Malacare raised by an Earth family, who keeps her origins a secret and tries to live life as a "normal person."

For some time now, my ambition has been to one day become a showrunner. I decided to make my own opportunity. Also, I am a big fan of Orphan Black and Jessica Jones, two shows with female protagonists that cover sci-fi as well as personal drama, but I have been wondering a lot lately why there can't be a show like that where the lead is a woman of color? Again, I decided to make my own.

That's where Real American comes from.

I am seeking two writers to work on the show. This would be a paid opportunity. I want to create a microcosm of a Hollywood writers' room. Potential candidates must be able to attend a weekend-long retreat (room and board provided) where we will discuss the show, brainstorm ideas, outline it, and write episodes. Each writer will be required to pen at least one episode.

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