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Don't be this guy AKA Starting Real American

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Here's a comment Kathryn got on her post for Real American (Note: If you don't know what Real American is or you want to apply to write for the show, you can do that here). Nowhere does the post say all female led series, what if it did? Apparently, the idea that women can be the stars of their own complex, interesting lives full of trials and mistakes is more unbelievable than an alternate timeline where aliens from outer space landed here in the 60s and have been living among us ever since.

Kathryn pointed out to me that even though both she and I posted about the gig on several Facebook pages, at the time of writing this, she was the only one to get that kind of response. Interesting.

Thankfully, most of the responses we've gotten have been positive. We've already started receiving applications from writers. I've been really impressed by the talent and creativity of some of our applicants. There were more than a couple of writing samples that I couldn't put down.

We'll be taking submissions from now until February 8th, so there's still plenty of time to apply!

Expect to see more updates about Real American in the future. I'd

better get back to reading. Deciding which writers to pick might be a tougher challenge than I anticipated! We're aiming to make our final decisions by February 18th.

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