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Perelandra Pictures Presents Sci-Fi Series REAL AMERICAN

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

November 2, 2020 – From showrunner Jacob de la Rosa and producer Kathryn Postema, the sci-fi series REAL AMERICAN debuts now through December on YouTube and Set in an alternate timeline where aliens came to Earth as refugees, the ten-episode series tags along with news producer Anastasia Atwood (Nathalie Galde) as she covers the top political stories of the day. Her world is turned upside down by the rise in power of political outsider Verne Midar (co-star Gary E. Mitchell). His divisive rhetoric threatens to expose Anastasia’s deepest secret. Featuring Latinx talent in front and behind the camera, REAL AMERICAN explores personal identity, racism, cultural values, and what it means to be an American. Also co-starring in the series is Jalexia Stoutmyre, who plays Jennifer, an alien reporter who clashes with Anastasia over controversial stories, and Erik Keener as Dave, Anastasia’s love interest. REAL AMERICAN is the first original series produced by Perelandra Pictures with de la Rosa serving as lead writer and showrunner. Jalexia Stoutmyre and author Penni Jones (On the Bricks, Kricket) are writers, with Kathryn Postema serving as producer. The premiere episode of the series can be seen here or at


About Perelandra Pictures Perelandra Pictures seeks to explore the wonders of a world that could be our own, filled with people we know, where our nightmares and our dreams come to life. Notable productions created by the independent film studio include the paranormal short Ain’t Ready for the Graveyard Yet, the ambitious music video Nottingham, and the feature length sci-fi film Break Glass in Case Of... featuring Doctor Who actor Tom Baker as the voice of a disembodied female scientist inside of a robot. Media Contact: Kathryn Postema


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